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(Php 25,000 per rig. total of Php75,000/team )

Each Competitor Rig is inclusive of :
•fuel (worth Php 5,000)
•battery (worth Php 14,000)
•event tokens (worth Php 3,000 )



Each camper rig is inclusive of :
•70% off motolite battery (Php 10-14k battery price)
•Event give away (worth Php 1,000)



  1. Sept 30, 2022 – Last day to registration w/ free battery offer
  2. Oct 15, 2022 – Last day of registration
  3. Oct 16, 2022 – Last day to claim free battery for Competitors
  4. Oct 30, 2022 – Last day to claim free battery for Campers

Petron Philippine Overland Expedition (PHOX): Pacific Coast Challenge

Event Date: Oct. 17-23, 2022
Flag-Off / Starting Point: San Fernando, Pampanga
Participants: Competitors

Event Description:

  • The first (event) of its kind, PHOX is an off-the-grid extreme competition from October 17 to 23, 2022 across one of the country’s most inhospitable trail strips, yet one that also offers a breathtaking view of the country’s eastern coastline.
  • This 4-day, 285 km-long overland journey from San Fernando Pampanga to General Nakar, Quezon via Nueva Ecija and Aurora Province will not only test each participant’s off-road driving prowess but their survival skills as well. Ultimately, this event will challenge each team’s resilience and camaraderie, while raising awareness of hidden yet threatened landscapes and cultures.


  • Champion: Php 500,000
  • 2nd place: Php 200,000
  • 3rd place: Php 100,000
  • Special awards


  • Six (6) team members
  • Three (3) Production Variant Modified 4×4, comprising of any of the following


Shall consist of the following:


TEAM = A + A + A


TEAM = A + A + B

*If your vehicle is not listed please contact us at 0917-851-6130 – TIM


Each team member will assist each other in terms of provision of parts, logistical needs, and supplies. They will also be in charge of the recovery of a team member should the need arise



The Petron Philippine Overland Expedition: Pacific Coast Challenge will be made up of multiple Timed Stages (TS) distributed throughout the 120 kilometer expedition route and Team Tasks (TT) to be performed in the different campsites. Please note that each challenge is designed to test the competitors’ skills, teamwork, and resilience as well as their vehicles’ capabilities.


Team Tasks (TT) shall fall under the following categories or a combination thereof;

  • Jungle Survival Challenge
  • Technical Driving / Log Obstacle
  • CSR Activity
  • Night Driving Challenge
  • Physical Fitness
  • Improvisation
  • Vehicle Repair
  • Recovery
  • Proper Usage of Equipment


Scoring will be based on a team’s combined performance, with the best combined time receiving the highest score less any penalty points incurred.

Penalty points will be given should safety rules be breached in the form of dangerous driving, vehicle and equipment abuse, as well as unruly behavior.

Results will be calculated and presented at the end of each day to keep competing teams up to date of their performance, with the result of the last TS and TT to be revealed only during the Closing / Awarding Ceremony.

Team with the highest total combined points at the end of the competition will be crowned champions

Timed Stages : The team’s time are recorded by a rally guard posted at the start and end of each stage.

Competitors must have the following:

  1. Chain saw (small) – 1 x per team
  2. Choker Chain (2 meters) – 1 x per rig
  3. Manila Rope (9mm minimum diameter and 20 meters) – 1 x per car
  4. Safety Goggles – all members

Philippine Overland Expo 2022

Event Date: Oct. 21-23, 2022
Flag-Off / Starting Point: General Nakar, Quezon
Participants: Campers

Event Description:

  • The Philippine Overland Expo 2022 is a 3D/2N overlanding trip to Gen. Nakar, Quezon from Oct. 21-23, 2022.
  • Assembly and Flag-Off will be at the Gen. Nakar Municipal Hall on Oct. 21 at 05:00, with campers driving after to the designated campsite which is located approximately 30 kms. inland via the scenic southern route. Campers will then be met by veteran overlanders as their team leader and guide going inland to a designated overlander campsite about 20 to 30km inland, where various exciting terrain of gravel sand mud, and river crossing.
    Campers will spend 3 days and 2 nights at the campsite.
  • On Oct. 22, competitors of the Petron Philippine Overland Expedition (PHOX) from San Fernando, Pampanga, who are making their way to Gen. Nakar via the northern route (Dingalan and Umiray) will arrive at the Overland Expo campsite to join the campers on their final night. In the evening of the same day, the PHOX Awarding Ceremony will be held.
  • On Oct. 23, campers and competitors alike will simultaneously leave the campsite and exit the area via the Gen. Nakar town proper.

Program Schedule

Petron Philippine Overland Expedition (PHOX): Pacific Coast Challenge

Event Date: Oct. 17-23, 2022

Philippine Overland Expo 2022

Event Date: Oct. 21-23, 2022

PHOX and Overland Expo FAQs

  1. Will the overland leisure campers and competitors have the same entry point, flag-off date and route?
    No. PHOX competitors will Flag-Off from the Laus Event Center in San Fernando, Pampanga on Oct. 18 and will proceed to Gen. Nakar via Dingalan, Aurora while Overland Expo campers will assemble and start at the Gen. Nakar Municipal Hall on Oct. 21 @ 05:00 before heading to the designated campsite.
  2. Is the PHOX Scrutineering and Flag-Off on Oct. 18 exclusive to PHOX competitors only?
    No. Everyone is welcome to visit the PHOX Competitor Vehicle Scrutineering and Flag-Off at the Laus Event Center on Oct. 18.
  3. For the Overland Expo, will a guide be provided for the overland leisure campers to the designated campsite?
    Yes. Several veteran offroader/overlander volunteers will be assigned to guide the participants from Gen. Nakar to the designated campsite on Oct. 21.
  4. What is the minimum requirement of participating vehicles for the Overland Expo?
    Basic 4×4 / SUV or Pickup with all-terrain tires. Snorkels are also highly recommended as there will be 4 river crossings with water depth of 500mm-900mm enroute to the campsite.
  5. What is the minimum requirement of participating vehicles for PHOX?
    Mud-terrain tires, recovery equipment such as winch, and snorkel.
  6. Is the P7,500 registration fee for the Overland Expo per vehicle? Is there a limit to the no. of passengers?
    The P7,500 registration fee is per vehicle, regardless of the number of occupants.
  7. What basic provisions do we need to bring?
    Whether you are a PHOX competitor or Overland Expo camper, you must be self reliant. Food, water, emergency medical kit, and power source are musts.
  8. Do the campsites have cellular signal?
    No. There is no cellular signal. Communications may only be done using a satellite phone.
  9. For PHOX, will there be recovery vehicles to assist the competitors?
    Yes. Recovery vehicles / teams will be stationed in critical areas. Initial action will be to secure a severely damaged vehicle in a safe location. Full recovery will be conducted after the event at the cost of the owner of the vehicle.

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